New Media Trends: Learning Analytics, Mobile Learning, and eBooks
Faculty learning community grant application

This learning community will focus on three of the emerging technologies for teaching and learning as outlined by the Horizon report __( Learning Analytics, Mobile Learning, and eBooks. We decided upon these topic areas after surveying faculty in the 5 Star Consortium (Cascadia Community College, Edmonds Community College, Everett Community College, Lake Washington Technical College, Shoreline Community College) on their interests. Each quarter, the FLC will devote its time to exploring one of these trends. We will explore what these technologies are, their strengths and challenges, and how they might impact teaching and learning at our colleges.
First meeting: F2F sometime between Oct. 10-12 at Shoreline Community College - determine date/time via a Doodle poll (poll opens mid-September and closes by Oct. 3)

Following meetings during fall quarter: meet electronically via a Bb Collaborate/Elluminate room; every 3 weeks

Participant Commitment - One Quarter Commitment


Fall Quarter - Learning Analytics: Shoreline Community College (lead) - Doug Reid. Pictures.

Agenda for first meeting: introductions/ice breaker, identify a brief reading for everyone and assign ahead of time, use it as a starting point for determining what the learning goals are for the quarter. Determine those goals at the first meeting. Maybe have a guest speaker talk on the topic. Refreshments will be served.

Winter Quarter - Mobile Learning - Everett & Edmonds (leads)

Spring Quarter - eBooks -Shoreline (lead)

Mobile Apps - As part of the grant, each college was able to purchase apps for different mobile devices. This page is a list of the apps purchased by each college.